Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery – The Latest in The STEAM School Squad Series

Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery

STEAM-themed picture books are the best ways to engage students and ignite passions for STEAM learning. Science concepts are best understood with visual aids such as illustrations and a captivating story to go with it. Sallana Brown’s recent publication Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery is a prime example of what a STEAM-themed picture book ought to be shaped into. With a compelling storyline, meaningful illustrations, and easily digestible language, it is a wonderful read for young children.

Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery: The Compelling Story

Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery is the latest publication by acclaimed children’s book writer Sallana Brown. The story follows Sarah, a budding scientist who is naturally curious about her DNA, the unique makeup of our cells that sets us apart from one another. The story follows her as she understands the makeup of the DNA and the intriguing world of genetics. Stemming from this science project comes a personal puzzle that leads her to put together her own family’s genealogy. She has the support of her mom, teacher, and classmates along the way as the story blends in themes of friendship, companionship, and support.

This story teaches young ones not only the fascinating science behind our intricate biological makeup but also how we can apply this to trace our roots. It teaches the marvels of the double helix structure of the DNA and the role it plays in shaping our characteristics. Children can use the building blocks carved from this book to trace their own heritage. It positions science as a tool for understanding ourselves and how we connect to the world.

Explore Themes of Science, Genealogy, And Friendship!

This picture-themed storybook is ideal for children who are passionate about the sciences.

  • The STEAM book is a wonderful way for you to teach your children about DNA and genetics and the role it plays in your family’s genealogy.
  • Teach your children how DNA contains all the genetic information needed to explain how you look and function.
  • You can further use concepts from the book to explain to your children how certain markers of their DNA lead to the development of traits such as your height, skin color, eye color, hair color, hair texture, and more.
  • It is not just science you will be teaching; your children will love the themes of friendship interwoven into the storyline.

Learning is a process that comes with many interesting steps and surprises, but it is best done with the support of loved ones!

Kids Activity Kit For Hands-On Learning

Activity kits for kids are a key component for any STEAM-based children books. With challenging and fun puzzles and activities, these activity kits offer hands-on learning capabilities. Author Sallana Brown takes the same approach with her publication, offering an activity kit alongside to keep budding scientists entertained.

The activity kit includes exciting coloring pages, puzzles, a challenging yet fun word search, and more. Each activity expertly incorporates lessons on genes, DNA, genealogy, and the double helix structure. You can download a sample of the exciting activity kit from the Sallana Brown website to get a taste of what’s in store!

Foster Creativity & Critical Thinking with STEAM Themed Picture Books

STEAM books are powerful tools that can empower children to learn and grow at their own pace. Steam books for kids not only help with gaining new knowledge and improving communication skills, but these picture books also help improve their creativity levels and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Those with a passion for the sciences will always appreciate an entertaining STEAM-focused children’s book. The themes of “Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery” fall into the same category, explaining the intricacies of the DNA structure in a language easily digestible for young children. It serves as an excellent gateway to learning all about DNA and the concepts behind it.

The storyline expertly explains DNA building blocks and DNA structure and how they are tied to the expression of our genetic characteristics. What’s more, it reads this all from the view of a young scientist who uses this gained wisdom to trace the genealogy of her own family. The picture book imparts to children the understanding that science is a tool that anyone can wield once they understand its intricacies. Its ability to help you connect with yourself and those around you should never be underestimated.

Where To Purchase Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery?

Are you ready to give you little ones a STEAM education lesson but in a fun way? Sallana Brown’s works are a truly valuable addition to children’s literature, offering a mix of science, compelling storylines, and challenging puzzles for children to work out themselves. A perfect way to spark learning in young children. You can purchase her new publication, “Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery,” from SunGate Publishing.

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