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Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery

Ready for more exciting science children’s picture books?

This second installment of the STEAM School Squad Series unravels the mysteries of DNA, delving into your family’s genealogy and making exciting discoveries along the way! Explore the fascinating science of DNA, learning about its structure, function, inheritance, and its incredible ability to trace ancestry. Get ready for a captivating journey through the very building blocks of life and your own unique family history!

This exciting and informative book is perfect for young readers who are interested in science, adventure and mystery.

Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown

Do your kids love children’s picture books?

Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown, a STEAM-themed picture book, the first in the STEAM School Squad series, follows a budding entomologist, Jeremy and his friends, on a mission to stop invasive insects from destroying the ash forest. This story shows how quick thinking, teamwork and perseverance are the right ingredients to solve any problem! 

In their picture book debut, author Sallana Brown and illustrator Beatriz Gouveia have created a diverse and charming cast of characters eager to learn about the world around them and use their knowledge to solve problems.

Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown - Activity Kit

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