Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery Activity Kit

FREE Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery Activity Kit

Hey, future scientists and DNA explorers! Are you ready for an awesome adventure into the world of genetics? Join Science Whiz Sarah and the STEAM School Squad as they dive into the amazing mysteries of DNA and cells with the Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery Activity Kit!

In Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery book, Sarah and her friends are on a super cool mission to uncover the secrets of DNA. And guess what? They need YOUR help to solve puzzles, play games, and learn all about the amazing stuff that makes us who we are! 

Inside this activity kit, you will find:

  • Matching Games: Test your memory skills with fun matching games all about DNA, cells, and science words!
  • Word Search: Search for hidden words about genetics, DNA, and cells in exciting word search puzzles!!
  • Coloring pages: Bring Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery and his friends to life with these beautiful coloring pages.
  • Create a Family Tree: Imagine your family tree and learn about how traits are passed down from parents to kids!
  • Other STEM-themed FunSheets: Access fun and engaging activities and challenges that will really get kids thinking about how STEM plays a part in their everyday lives.

So grab your lab coat and goggles – it’s time to discover the amazing world of DNA and cells with Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery Activity Kit! Let’s make science super fun and totally awesome!

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What is the Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery Activity Kit?

The activity kit, inspired by the picture book, includes both fun and educational hands-on activities, introducing kids to DNA, sparking their curiosity about family history and promoting a love for science.

Who is the Activity Kit For?

The kit is designed for kids who are eager to learn more about DNA and genetics in a fun and interactive way. Perfect for young explorers who enjoy discovering new things about the world around them.

Why is the Activity Kit Important?

The activity kit is significant as it educates children about concepts such as DNA and family history, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and appreciation for understanding how traits and ancestry are inherited. 

How Can the Kit be Used?

The Sarah’s Gene-ius Discovery Activity Kit can be used in various ways, such as a standalone activity by parents and teachers, during family game nights, as part of classroom lessons, or in afterschool STEM programs. Grab your activity kit today!

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