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Please Review Jeremy And The Beetle Takedown

I appreciate your feedback and the time you spend to review Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown, my new STEM-based children’s book!

If you and your kids loved this book, I would be honored if you would leave an honest review on Amazon. Your review will help other parents and teachers discover the book and learn about the important topics it covers, such as science, conservation, and the importance of protecting our environment.

Why are Reviews Important?

Reviews are important because they help potential readers decide if a book is right for them. When you write a review, you are sharing your honest thoughts and experiences with the book. This feedback can be very helpful for other parents and teachers who are looking for books for their children.

How to Leave an Amazon Review?

Leaving an Amazon review is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the book’s Amazon page (link below).
  2. Under the title, click “Write a customer review.”
  3. Share your honest thoughts on what you enjoyed about the book, how it helped you, or what you wish it covered differently.
  4. Click submit.

What to Include in Your Review?

Even just a few sentences about what resonated with you would mean a lot. You can share things like:

  • What you liked or disliked about the book
  • How the book helped you or your children learn about science, conservation, or protecting the environment
  • Any specific activities or topics in the book that you found particularly engaging or helpful
  • What would you like to see in future books from the author?

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me. It helps me to understand what readers are enjoying about my books, and it also helps me to identify areas where I can improve. I use your feedback to make my books more engaging, informative, and empowering for children.

I’m so grateful for your support and feedback. It means the world to me to know that my books are making a difference in the lives of children.



Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown book in library